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Down TownWhat is the Wellsboro Mall?
The Wellsboro mall is a virtual shopping mall, reaching customers by internet instead of foot traffic! Because it is online, business owners have the opportunity to tap into sales revenue from far off locations.

Why should I become a Mall Member?
With the creation of the Wellsboro Mall, local and regional businesses have the ability to link themselves together in a web-based “shopping mall” atmosphere, expanding selling power. Contact Us today to get started!

How will customers find the Wellsboro Mall?
The Wellsboro Mall is directly linked to the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce site, the website and is heavily indexed by all the major search engines online.

What is the cost?
Updated: February 2011

Merchant Listing is only $35 per year and includes your business directory listing, info page with a picture, brief description of your business, linkage to your website and contact information.

Sell Gift Certificates online - Additional $10 per year – Your customers can purchase your gift certificates online! There is only a 5% fee per transaction.

Contact Us today to get started!

How would I sell gift certificates online through the Wellsboro Mall?
All gift certificate sales are processed by the Wellsboro Mall. You are notified of the sale and paid by the Mall, and all you need to do is send out the Gift Certificate!

What are the other advantages?

Your Wellsboro Mall page can also link your potential buyers to your own full site! The Wellsboro Mall has linkage from the website. Plus, you are maximizing your exposure to an audience that is interested in Wellsboro and surrounding area amenities. In the internet world, the more exposure, the better!

Advertising Opportunities

Additional advertising opportunities on the Wellsboro Mall are now available! Call us for more information on how you can stretch your marketing budget even further with online advertising on our virtual internet malls.

As a business owner in the regional area, you do not want to miss out on joining the Wellsboro Mall and Mansfield Mall! It is a fantastic, inexpensive opportunity to enhance your sales and promote your business to customers across the nation, and the globe!

Contact us today to start taking advantage of this excellent opportunity!

To learn more about how you can gain even more online visibility for your business, go to and enroll for the zero cost three month introductory membership! Membership applications can be downloaded at

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